October 26, 2014

Jolie Meets Bill and Tom Kaulitz - Jolie #12/2014 [Germany]

Jolie Meets Bill and Tom Kaulitz 
The Tokio-Hotel-Twins talk about their new home Los Angeles, wild orgies and Helene Fischer.

You really have to accomplish something like that first: Tokio Hotel have been out of the spotlight for four years – in spite of that, the Pullman Hotel in Erfurt is surrounded by fans that want to take a picture with Bill and Tom Kaulitz. They moved to Los Angeles in 2010 and are now in Germany to promote the new album of their band, called “Kings Of Suburbia”. Their celebrity status is however challenged by their english bulldog, Pumbaa, who wants to be pet by everyone and constantly runs in front of the camera. During the interview you immediatelly notice how similar the identical twins are – they even finish each others sentences. There was only one topic they didn’t agree on: Anise-Candies.

Jolie: You’ve got a really cool dog there, Bill.
Tom: We live together, therefore you can say that Pumbaa is our dog.
Bill: No, he’s my dog. You’ve got your own.
Tom: But he’s a big hound dog and didn’t even come with us. Travelling with him is very strenuous.

Jolie: Which one of you takes the dogs out for walks?
Bill: I take Pumbaa out – but only when there aren’t a dozen fans surrounding us or if I can leave through the garage. In any other case an assitent, sadly, has to take him for walks. In Los Angeles it’s always us, who do that, though.

Jolie: People like going for a walk in the morning in Venice Beach there…
Bill: We have a completely different rhythm than the people there. They all get up at eight in the morning and do Yoga or Pilates, get a healthy drink afterwards and buy a salad from the organic market. No one smokes, no one drinks too much. At two in the morning night clubs already close – everything in L.A. is very reasonable. And we…
Tom: …are usually awake until six, seven in the morning…
Bill: …and sleep until late afternoon. We actually live a very european lifestyle.

Jolie: Why did you choose to move from Germany to Los Angeles, specifically?
Bill: That’s a question I’ve been asking myself now too, because L.A. is a little too boring for me. The people and the fashion in New York would inspire me much more. In L.A. you have to make sure that you don’t let yourself go. Everyone there wears flip-flops and shorts because of the heat. But after spending some time in Hamburg, where it was grey and cloudy, it was wonderful.

Jolie: Do you feel like you can call the US your home now?
Tom: Home, for me, always refers to your own house – doesn’t matter where it is. As long as my dogs, my family and my friends are there with me, I feel home. But when we come to Germany, we have a feeling of being in control. We understood that country (culture/mentality) completely, there was no culture shock. But a lot of things in the US are also awesome, like the park service and Restaurants or hotels. Why isn’t this a normal thing here as well? I would love to just throw together the best of both worlds to create the perfect country.
Bill: The visa and greencard formalities alone, always remind us that we’re not Americans (laughs). I also always connect home to the taste of “Schmalzkuchen” and german bread.
Tom: Yup, as well as roasted almonds.
Bill: Yes, yes, yummy!
Tom: And I love Anise-candies.
Bill: Ew (Tom laughs)

Jolie: Your career took off when you were teens, now you’re 25. Do you feel like adults?
Tom: Honestly? I feel like less like an adult today than I did with 15.
Bill: When I was 15 I hated it when people would ask me for my ID, for example…(falters for a moment) when I wanted to buy alcohol (both laugh). In the past I felt ready for everything. I wanted to earn my own money, live on my own and be responsible for as many things as possible. But everytime I don’t have to show them my ID now I always ask myself: “Why?” (laughs)
Tom: Since I’ve grown a beard people rarely ask me for it.

Jolie: Do you come off as younger or older to women?
Bill: Just recently a women at a party wanted to know how old I was. I let her guess my age. Then she looked at me, thought about it for a while and said: “Maybe 34?” I was shocked. And what does she do next? She makes it worse by saying: “It’s so hard to say with your costume on.” And I just went: “Which costume?” She said: “You have so many tattoos and piercings.” It was unreal.

Jolie: You’re probably not going to see her again.
Bill: Definitely not. Although, at the end she did say that my eyes look very young. (both laugh)

Jolie: Does being an adult have its drawbacks?
Bill: I can’t recover that fast from partying all night anymore. I always end up thinking: “Oh my god, look at those eyebags!” Or: “We should drink less.” We do notice that we have to take more care of ourselves.
Tom: Maybe we should start living that healthy-L.A. lifestyle as well. (laughs)

Jolie: More salad, less burgers?
Tom: We’re lucky, because we can eat what we want and not gain any weight.
Bill: All men in our family stay really thin right up until they reach an old age. But I do have to admin that we’re unhealthy eaters.

Jolie: Do you at least compensate for the unhealthy food with sports?
Tom: In the past we went to the gym a lot, but we haven’t been going there regularly anymore.
Bill: I hate that. We only go there to look reasonably good. I always feel like I’m under pressure when I see all those fit guys in their tanktops there.
Tom: By the way, that’s another pro about living Germany – you can hide everything under your winter clothes.

Jolie: In the video for your single “Love Who Loves You Back” you are dressed revealingly and there’s a wild orgy. Who came up with that idea?
Bill: I’ve been wanting to shoot such a music video for a long time, because I really like the last scene in the movie “The Perfume” – which is quite similar. It was important for me that we show same-sex couples, skinny and big and old and young people in the video. Because I think that you can’t choose who you fall in love with.

Jolie: Are you all of the same opinion, when it comes to those decisions, as a band?
Bill: Creatively we all decide everything together, the individual tasks then get allocated.
Tom: With the orgy the only question that came up was, if we would all participate or not. But we all agreed pretty quickly that only Bill would take part in that.

Jolie: Did you, in the US, hear about the huge success that your colleague Helene Fischer (German singer) has had in Germany?
Bill: I heard of it, but it’s hard for me to comprehend. She’s probably a really nice women, but I’m really not into her music style.

– The guitarist likes going out to “Hyde” in Los Angeles: “It’s a bar and nightclub in one with a good smokers’ corner.”
– Which dish can you always successfully prepare?: “Penne Pasta with Ketchup”
– What did you want to be when you were six years old?: “Mechanic”
– What do you think of right before you go to sleep?: “(Note: I sadly can’t make out what the scans say :()”
– What’s the most expensive item you own?: “Bill”

– Bill named his dog Pumbaa after the wart hog from “The Lion King”: “Thankfully he’s easy to train.”
– What’s the first thing you do in the morning?: “(Note: I sadly can’t make out what the scans say :()”
– What’s the most expensive item you own?: “Tom”
– Which three traits are typical for you?: “(Note: I sadly can’t make out what the scans say :()”
– What do you think of right before you go to sleep?: “(Note: I sadly can’t make out what the scans say :()”

Translation by Icey @  LoveTH-Music.com
Scans by: Tokio Hotel China

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